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Collect Points

You can collect points at WriteU.org for doing things like uploading new handwritten letters or starting a new group. This is where your donations to this project can really help because we would really like to set up a system in which we can send rewards to our younger users. In the meantime we would hope that parents and teachers get involved and offer your kids some incentives for accomplishing certain goals.

Your points total can be found underneath your avatar on your wall. You will also find it in the right column of the page after you login and go to your profile area.

Parents please consider giving your kids incentives for reaching certain point levels (Optional).

Example: I have made a deal with my own daughter to give her a reward for every 3 letters she uploads to her “Wall”. 

*Please if your Company would like to get involved and donate some prizes that we can hand out to our younger users we would certainly appreciate it. Just click the email icon at the bottom of any page on this site to get in touch. VISIT OUR GOFUNDME PAGE HERE!

ActionPoints earnedInfo.
Action:Points earned:Info.:
Registration500.00When you sign up at WriteU.org. WOW! 500 you say. :-)
Referring Signups500.00500.00 coool. If you refer someone and they register.
*Please use the referral code/url found in your profile.
Add New Avatar150.00Add a new avatar after you sign up.
Referring Visitors50.00Send someone our way. *Use your referral code found in your profile
Make Friends50.00Make new friends and get points.
Wall Activity25.00Upload a letter or add some pics etc. Activity on your or someone else's wall.
Wall Removal-25.00Sorry! many were uploading to get the points then removing after. We need to be fair.
Daily Visits10.00We give you points just for showing up every day. Awesome Sauce!
Wall Comments5.00 (up to 3 per day)Comment on someones letters or pics etc.
Comment Removal-5.00Sorry again!
Private Messages5.00 (up to 3 per day)Send someone a message
Viewing Pages5.00This is basically for clicking around our site and reading pages like this one.
ActionPoints earnedInfo.
Create a Group500.00Create a group and get 500 big ones :-)
Remove a Group-500.00Sorry had to do this
Change the Group Avatar150.00 (One Time)Change your groups avatar.
Join Groups25.00Become part of an existing group
Quit Group-25.00
Comments5.00Get active in the group by commenting

Collect points at RelativeU.com

Earn Badges

Earning badges is much like points. You usually get badges when you reach certain milestones.

Example: After you make 3 friends you will receive the ‘Fine Friend’ Badge.

I need to apologize right up front however because I have only had time to create a few badges. I have been very busy with other things that the site needs. I will get back to it soon though that is a promise. I wanted to make each badge myself so they are unique and you can’t get them anywhere else.


Earn Badges  
Upload 1st handwritten Letter.Write your first letter by hand then upload it to your wall.
A "Fine Friend"As soon as you have become friends with 3 people you will get this one.
More Soon!

Earn badges at WriteU.org


If you would like to drop us a line do so here. We of course would prefer if you wrote us by hand on our wall :-)


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