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Judging from the feedback I have received so far most of you feel the same way as I do about the importance of this project. Our kids CANNOT be allowed to forget how to use cursive writing to communicate it is really that simple. It is this level importance that makes me also want to keep this site 100% advertisement free. Keeping our kids focused on the task at hand is difficult enough without bombarding them with a bunch of ads. Doing this will either require a major donation from a single sponsor or a bunch of smaller donations from people like yourself (much like Wikipedia does). Visit our GoFundMe page HERE!

There are also other ways you can help this project. One of the best ways you can help us is to talk about us to your friends and on Social Media. SPREAD THE WORD… FEEL THE LUV!

I am willing to donate the domain name, the hosting, and my time. Even though we are just starting out we already need some things that will require money (like an app for example). If you are able to help us in any way please do so by visiting our GoFundMe page and donating what you can.

Let’s not let our kids forget how to do a simple thing like sending a handwritten letter to a loved one.

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If you would like to drop us a line do so here. We of course would prefer if you wrote us by hand on our wall :-)


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