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The idea of WriteU.org is a pretty simple one. What if we could have kids (or anyone for that fact) write a letter by hand and share it with their friends and relatives easily. Why not use something most of them know already “Social Media” to accomplish this. Once I started working on this project it became abundantly clear right from the beginning just how important it was.

What Happened to Cursive Writing?

I happened to watch the News and they were discussing the alarming decline of Cursive Writing in our society in general. Now not that I believe in fate or anything but I basically NEVER watch the News at that time of day and a few other mitigating factors made me feel that I was meant to do something with this information.

As a father of 2 young children aged 8 and 11 I have decided to take this project on full force. It seems to me that the Cursive Writing issue may just be one of the biggest facing our children today. They need to learn it simple as that and yes it is THAT important.

As I began to work on this project I was constantly trying remind myself that…

“I don’t want to use the Social Media platform to make it easier for them to write a letter. I want to use the Social Media platform to simply make it easier for them to share an ALREADY written letter. There is a BIG difference between those 2 things so don’t lose sight of it.”

Another issue I have been wrestling with is advertising. I am a web designer/developer by trade. I create websites then those websites either advertise on them or charge a membership fee simple as that. I need to make a living after all. Now the problem with that model on WriteU.org is that advertising just doesn’t seem right.  I would love it if this project could remain 100% advertisement free but it will need to be sponsored. Find out how you can help HERE.

The Moral of the story

Social Media is here to stay there is absolutely no doubt about it. Trying to deny that at this point in the game would be pretty naive. So working together with it instead of trying to shun it is the ONLY way forward as I see it. The idea of this project is to combine these 2 things together. Let’s see if we can’t make handwriting fun while bringing it into the 21st century with the rest of the world. Let’s embrace these 2 forms of communication and have them work as one so to speak.

I sincerely hope you and your family enjoy WriteU.org and you get some use out of it. If you would like to discuss this project with me further feel free to drop me a line by clicking the email icon at the bottom of any page.


Milo Boily – Founder and Project Lead


If you would like to drop us a line do so here. We of course would prefer if you wrote us by hand on our wall :-)


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