send hanwritten letters & notes to relatives and friends

"Let's put a pen back in their hands"

Handwritten Letters & Notes

Write letters and notes to your relatives and friends by HAND. Yes you read that right in your own handwriting on a piece of paper with a pen and everything (oh imagine the anarchy). It is fun, educational and extremely important for our children.

Like most parents I have become very concerned by the sudden absence of Cursive Writing in the world today… 

Easy to use

  1. Grab a pen, some paper, and write a note or letter to a loved one (you honestly have no idea how much people appreciate this until you write your first one).
  2. Snap a picture of it with that fancy digital camera, smart phone, tablet, or computer of yours.
  3. Upload it to your “Wall” inside RelativeU.
  4. Wait for the love and admiration (yeah I know 3 steps sounds better but I couldn’t resist adding this one).

From letter writing groups to social media...

You can create a letter writing group. Find pen pals from around the globe. Also don’t forget that is a full featured Social Media website with everything from “Private Messages” to “Likes”.

This site is 100% free for you to use. Please read more about this project here.

Calling all… blogs, websites, celebrities, or just cool people in general! 

We have some great tools that you can add to your contact pages or email signatures to encourage people to contact you by hand written communication. Nothing beats a letter or note that has been written by hand. It just makes you feel more special. As soon as you get your first one you will know exactly what I am talking about.

This type of communication sets a good example for our kids. It shows them that it is still COOL to write a letter or note. Help spread the word.

Add a button to your site

Handwritten Social Media


If you would like to drop us a line do so here. We of course would prefer if you wrote us by hand on our wall :-)


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